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I'm gonna be honest. 

Given in a very uncertain society, I've developed so much insecurities in myself. One of it is my smile. 

Given that I was not blessed nor didn't have the chance to have a perfect set of teeth, I couldn't help but be jealous of all the people who have one. Growing up, I've always envisioned to have that beautiful smile - that beautiful teeth.

Photo by Maria Kay Busgano

With all of my imperfections, I've chosen to brave an industry that requires one to be on point 24/7 - in the aspects of talent, professionalism - much more in the overall impact of your physicality. 

My passion in performing and entertaining has brought me to the standards that require me to be at my best always. Difficult as it may seem, but I had to endure because I love what I do. 

Facing and meeting a lot of people, portraying characters in front of the camera and on stage, it's inevitable to smile. Filipinos like a captivating smile. And as a performing artist, I've always wished to have that perfect smile. 

But as they say, be careful what you wish for 'cause you might just get it. 

Indeed. Dreams do come true - with Amor Dental Clinic. 

Photo by Maria Kay Busgano

I wanted a smile that's natural and something that would compliment my personality - instead of overshadowing the purpose of having good teeth. I wanted to have veneers that don't look like veneers at all. 

I indicated it to Doc. Lorna Quimco Amor. 

The process of having my veneers done was so smooth that I didn't have to worry how it's gonna be. The professionalism and the great experience of Doc Lorna, as well as her clinic, in the field of dentistry had assured me that I am gonna get the veneers that I envisioned. 

Just as how I have imagined it to be.  

Amor Dental Clinic's high precision and expertise in developing my desired veneers prove that they are capable of transforming everybody's smile as well. Their passion in transforming lives - in ways of their craft in dentistry - is an enough assurance that they will deliver excellently. 

Photo by Maria Kay Busgano

Now, I am more braver to show the brightest smile to the world. Now, I am more excited to see what's ahead. The road may be scary and may lead me to a lot more complicated crossroads, but one thing's for sure. 

I can do anything with a smile! 

Visit them now at the following branches;
-Amor Dental Clinic in Jcentre Mall
-Smile Designs SM City Cebu
-Smile Designs Robinsons Cybergate
-Smile Studio Gallery SM Seaside
-Smile Designs SM Cagayan de Oro
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