Islands Souvenirs Meet & Greet

My collaboration with Islands Souvenirs for my meet and greet last January 14, 2019 was a first. Having said that, it was quite a monumental moment for me. This avenue opened doors for me to have my first solo meet and greet here in Cebu. It was pressuring but then again, because I have God, my family and Kitty Katkats, I conquered.

I was scheduled to have my meet and greet on a Monday. Imagine. On a Monday! I was nervous not to fill up the expectations of the brand and of the area (LOL). But again, God shows His sincerest miracles. I was very surprised at the outcome.

I sang Tala by Sarah Geronimo for the first time as it was a dream production number of mine. To more meet and greet? Yassssssssss!
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